Fashion style with long-faced boys hairstyles

I want to make myself more handsome, not only to choose a hair style, but also to design a hair style according to my face shape, to add a few fashion styles to myself will be more handsome, the boys in need are fast Let's take a look!
The man's face is a long-faced face, and his black perm hairstyle is very suitable for him. The slightly bangs of the bangs simply block the forehead, which can play the effect of repairing the face. Fluffy can also make the whole hairstyle more fashionable.
Most of the faces of European and American boys are long-faced, and a thick slanted bangs hairstyle is the best match. The short hair on the short hair has a softness, which makes this short hair style more gentle and fashionable. 
The simple black perm hairstyle can also show more fashion sense. If you want to modify the face shape, then you will need the occlusion of the bangs hairstyle. The neat and clean Qi Liu slightly obscures the forehead and simply makes the face shape more perfect. 
The refreshing feeling of wanting more points can of course be satisfied. The short black hair is simply repaired into the shape of the lid of the pot. The bangs simply decorate part of the forehead, and the design with the two sides of the shovel is very clean and handsome.
Korean short hair always carries the gentleness of that one. The short brown hair exudes a little more gentleness in the sun. The fluffy bangs simply adorns the face and shows the best side of oneself.
I don't want to leave a bangs boy, you can also choose the style of the airplane head, and comb the Liuhai into the shape of the airplane's head. The shovel on both sides is also more refreshing and clean, creating more fashion and handsome feeling.