Short curly hair intellectual and temperament

A short hair style, Qibo's length will be easier to hold than the short hair of the chin, buckled in the hair's hair point, with a bang in the middle, the natural black hair color is very flavorful, Very intellectual and very feminine.
Girls who dare not try short hair, you can join the short hair of the neck, like this Qibo short hair style, hot s roll and a big partial, fat face is very suitable, will one side After the hair clips to the ear, it is very horrible.
Girls who want to take the hot air can also try this short hair curling hairstyle, which is hot in the hair of the hair, and the bangs in the middle of the hair are also turned into a valgus, especially the gas field and feminine, hair After you get to the ear, it makes people look more and more fashionable.
The short hair inside is the most classic one in short curly hair. No matter who is hot, it will look good. With the air, the bangs will look more sweet. It is very temperament to dye a color, and the hair clips are even more horrible. It is.
This short hair is suitable for light mature women or royal sisters. The partial design is especially temperament and intellectual temperament. The hair is hot into a micro-wavy volume, which can also enhance the temperament while modifying the face shape. It is really fashionable and attractive to urban women.