Show perfect temperament girl ball hair type

The relaxed and clean ball hair style can show different fashion styles for girls at any time, and what are the styles of girls' ball heads? These girls are fashionable with hair style and simple hair style, so that they can always be at home. Show that perfect temperament.
The hair style of the meatballs should be the most commonly used hairstyle for girls. It is simple, clean and more natural. In the hot summer, a pair of meatballs are put up, and more refreshing and clean, slightly broken hair Liu Haizheng Perfectly decorated with a face.
The girl who has set up a ball head has more pure charm, a simple and natural style, with some simple broken hair bangs, and more refreshing effect in the fresh and clean. Fresh and more beautiful.
Of course, a simple short hair style can also tie out the fashion sense. The half-tied ball head will make Yang Rong create a more intellectual goddess, without more cover, with a faint sweet smile. The whole person looks very atmospheric and natural.
Long curly hair can also be used to make a fresh and clean ball hair type. The half-tie design makes Liu Yifei more playful and youthful, like a youthful vitality, exudes more girlish atmosphere.
The double-ball-shaped hair style has more fashionable and playful feelings, which is very suitable for a sweet hair girl's hair style, leaving a simple face-lifting bangs on the forehead to create more fashion temperament.
Simple hair style is perfect for her whole gentle temperament. In the flowers, the girls who look back are showing the perfect gentle goddess, which is more attractive.