Suitable for round-faced girls

The most important thing for girls to choose their hair style is to be able to modify their face shape. It is absolutely very important for round-faced girls. The following are suitable for round-faced girls, simple and natural, sweet, of course. The most important thing is the sleek charm of that one!
A fresh and sweet side twisted hairstyle, black long hair after a simple braided design, showing the fresh and sweet feeling, with a flower wreath, the beautiful flower on the flower is set against the girl Sweet charm.
Want a little more goddess temperament, a simple distribution type can also make you more elegant, the bangs simply straight down the cheeks, with a little bit of curly feeling, when a breeze blows, feel Full of elegant charm.
Girls with long hair styles can give themselves more cute charms. Simply put a braided hairstyle on both sides, and the bangs are scattered slightly. The fluffy design is inadvertently and repaired. Yan is sweet.
The fresh and clean hair of the ball should be a very versatile hair style. No matter what season or face shape, it can be perfectly held. The bangs on the forehead are simply modifying the face and adding a few points. Fresh and lovely.