Super nice twist braid

In the days of wind and wearing a turtleneck, we would like to comb a neat haircut to prevent the hair from getting in the way. Twisting the twisted hairpin is like a combination of twist and bun, but it is much more interesting than them.
The dry hair that was washed the day before, the hair that has just been shampooed is too smooth and may be difficult to fix. It needs to be increased by the use of styling products such as sea salt spray or fluffy water.
Use a pointed tail comb to divide the hair in the back of the head into two parts in a zigzag shape so that the traces of the slits are not visible.
Divide the hair on the left and the right into two parts, and then twist each hair in the same direction.
Then screw the two twisted hairs together and fix them with rubber bands.

Use your fingers to pull your hair to create a little change and texture.
Pull the bun on the left to the right and fix it with a fine hairpin.
The bun on the right side is pulled to the left, fixed with a clip, and then the two tweezers are tied together to tie a knot (like a shoelace), and fixed with a spiral hairpin.
Invert the hair and tail, then fix the hair to the hairpin.